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IBIS InstantBuy Affiliate Program

To date, cryptocurrency site owners have been limited in their monetisation options. Their two options being selling invasive banner space, or thinly veiled promotional content. Neither of which provide their audience with real value. From your audience’s perspective, buying cryptocurrency the first time is a difficult and complicated endeavour. Moreover, large segments of the market remain locked out due to their bank’s policies. IBIS InstantBuy provides your users with real value by resolving their most critical pain point.

IBIS InstantBuy is the easiest way to monetize cryptocurrency traffic by fulfilling your user’s primary need – buying cryptocurrency. IBIS InstantBuy allows partners to become their own fiat-on ramp, creating exceptional value for your audience. By adding IBIS InstantBuy  to your site, your users will be able to purchase over 50 cryptocurrencies via credit or debit card. This is achieved without losing control of the user by sending them to third parties such as exchanges.  

The IBIS InstantBuy UX is exceptionally simple, and nurtures newbie users in a step by step manner. As in all industries, users are prepared to pay a premium for a simple experience. Coinbase built a $1B company by selling simplicity. IBIS InstantBuy creates a unique competitive differentiator between your site and your competitors.

Partners simply register as affiliates, decide on the trading fee they would like, and paste in two lines of code on their site. No technical knowledge is required, the rest is handled by us. Partners receive their commissions every month in BTC. Automagically. 

IBIS InstantBuy, liberates you from onerous licensing, due diligence and banking obligations. These are managed by us on a turnkey basis, via our regulated infrastructure and payment partners. Unlike competitors, IBIS InstantBuy pays commissions on the real revenue driver – fiat to crypto trades, not just crypto/crypto ones. IBIS InstantBuy charges your users lower fees, offers you free integration, and doesn’t charge ambiguous ‘screening’ fees, making it a risk free proposition.

Get whitelisted as an IBIS  InstantBuy partner by submitting your details here

The process:

  1. Register as an affiliate by filling in the linked form. You can select a fee of between 0 and 5% to be added to your user’s purchases which will be paid out to you in BTC on a monthly basis.
  2. You’ll receive an email with your custom referral link, widget embed code, and login credentials to access your reports.
  3. Simply paste the embed code on your site between the <body> tags, or direct traffic to your referral link (you can download our full integration guide here). 
  4. Relax, and let us do the rest. Your commissions will be paid out every month.  

Bitcoin OTC Partnership Program

Launch your Bitcoin brokerage business on IBIS’ trading infrastructure. Our liquidity and payment infrastructure allow you to focus on building your business while we do all the heavy lifting in the background. Leverage the IBIS OTC liquidity network to fulfil client trades from across the top 20 crypto assets in a secure and compliant manner as our trading team handle all KYC and AML verifications on your behalf.

The process:

  1. Register as a Broker by filling in the form below.
  2. Our trading team will be in touch to set an exploratory call to discuss your market, geographies, forecasted volumes and our operational process.
  3. Decide how you would like your margin structured 
  4. Communication and funding protocols will be formalised, and you’ll be ready to start trading 

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