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IBIS Brokers’ Bitcoin OTC trading happens off public exchanges, with orders being fulfilled by our in-house liquidity pool. IBIS offers its clients deeper liquidity, along with a discrete, concierge level trading service. Regardless of whether you are looking to trade €10,000 or ₿10,000 our experienced  Bitcoin OTC traders will provide you with swift, efficient order execution at the most competitive rates on the market. If you are looking to trade smaller volumes, we suggest using our InstantBuy service, which allows you to instantly purchase Bitcoin with Credit Card.

The process:

  1. Get onboard by applying for an account by filling in the form below.
  2. Our trading team will be in touch to explore your trading goals and ensure that they fall within our area of expertise and trade requirements. 
  3. Choose your preferred communication channel, this can be Skype, Telegram or Email. Any time you’d like to place a trade, simply ask for a quote, e.g.You: “I’d like a quote to buy €100,000 of BTC”Our Trader “We can sell you 12.711573319 BTC for €100,000”
  4. Confirm on the trade by simply replying with “take” or “accepted” or decline it by replying with “pass” or “declined”. We will provide you with fresh quotes until you are satisfied.
  5. Complete the trade by passing on your BTC address to our trader, who will execute the withdrawal immediately.

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