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Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Wallet

BRD Wallet is one of the simplest and most user friendly Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets around. It is available on both iOS and Android and is recommended for users new Bitcoin. This guide will get you up to speed on how to set it up and receive your Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency on BRD Wallet.

BRD Bitcoin Wallet Review

BRD’s cryptocurrency wallet is a great solution for new Bitcoin users who are still familiarising themselves with transacting with Cryptocurrency. BRD is also a good option for users who intend to actually use their Bitcoin wallet on a regular basis and want to keep their cryptocurrency accessible at all times.

BRD Wallet Security

To date, BRD wallet has never been hacked, nor have any security advisories been issued about it. It is however crucial that you download it directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. For security reasons never follow a link to download a cryptocurrency wallet, always open the Store app on your phone and search for it there.

What Cryptocurrencies does BRD Wallet Support?

You can receive and send Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), DAI stable coin (DAI), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and their native BRD token.

How to send Cryptocurrency to BRD Wallet

Assuming you’ve installed BRD Wallet and followed the simple steps to set it up, head to the main screen and tap on the cryptocurrency you would like to receive. Then tap the “receive” button in the lower right hand corner. The app will automatically generate a new wallet for you to receive to.

Next, head to buying our InstantBuy widget to purchase your cryptocurrency of choice (please ensure that it is one supported by BRD).

Backing up your BRD Wallet

Anyone can lose their phone or drop in sea. Backing up your Bitcoin wallet is a Must Do. BRD makes it easy, simply write down the code it generates when you set up your wallet. Store this in a secure location (off your phone), where no one can access it.