IBIS Brokers maintains a loyal following of users interested in cybersecurity issues.

The site has an established international readership, attracting hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every month*.

Although the website is particularly popular with audiences in the United States, it is read by IT professionals the world over, drawing its readership from large multi-national corporations, some of the world’s largest banking and financial service providers, government organisations, as well as educational institutions and SMEs.

Sponsor the site – executive summary

What you get:

  • Exclusive sponsorship of the entire site (one-line promotion at the top of every page) for a week, pointing to whatever you like.
  • Article you write promoting your service/product – in the site’s RSS feed, during the week of the sponsorship.
  • Article you write promoting your service/product – in my newsletter, during the week of the sponsorship, going to over 12,000 subscribers.
  • Article you write promoting your service/product – on the site at the end of the week’s sponsorship. This article stays online permanently, and is not removed at the end of the sponsorship period.
  • Tweet of “thanks” to my 50,000 Twitter followers, pointing to your service/product.

Sponsor the site – the details

A week-long website-wide sponsorship of ibisbrokers.com is available. There is only one sponsorship slot available per week.

The sponsorship promotion is displayed on every single page of the website, including the main page, for the entire week – linking to the sponsor’s website or specific promotion.

The sponsor promotion is equally prominent on every page of the website when viewed from smartphones.

In addition, the weekly sponsor is promoted through an article in the site’s RSS feed (with text that can either be provided by you or something IBIS Brokers writes on your behalf), an article in IBIS Brokers sent to over 12,000 subscribers, a tweet thanking the sponsor from IBIS Brokers’s personal Twitter account (currently 50,000 followers), and an article posted on the site at the end of the week.